Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America, but one of the countries that has most diversity in its nature. The country is located on the equatorial line and has 3 main geographical regions: El Oriente, La Sierra and La Costa (includes the Galapagos Islands). In a single day you can see waterfalls in the Amazon forest, beautiful views in the Andes mountain range and take a swim in the Pacific Ocean.

El Oriente ("the east") has native tribes, incredible Amazon rainforest and rivers that end up in the river Amazon.

La Sierra ("the highlands") are dominated by the Andes mountain range. You also find the capital Quito here and some extraordinary volcanoes as Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and the most active of them Vulcan Tungurahua.

In La Costa, or ‘the coast’, you’ll find beautiful virgin beaches, islands and exotic marine animals.

Arts and crafts

The banana republic is well known for hammocks, straw hats, and different kinds of furniture, lamps and picture frames made from bamboo. Ivory palm rings and bracelets are a specialty also. In addition, several natural artefacts from the sea are skilfully carved into artistic forms.


Surfing, Wind-Surfing, Bodyboard, Volleyball / Football at the beach, Fishing, Diving, Hiking, Bicycling, Horseback riding and Alpinism.

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Olón is localized in the center of Ecuador’s south coast and there are plenty of places to see and explore here. It is possible to organize tours at the different places from the hostel; the following are a list over the tours we can organize for you:

  • Archaeological Museum “Salando”.
  • Sanctuary of wildlife “Canta la Piedra”.
  • Island “Isla de la Plata” ("the little Galapagos”, explore the island, dive and fish).
  • Prehistorically city “Agua Blanca”.
  • Observation of whales.
  • Exotic and virgin beaches; los Frailes, la Playita, Playa Rosada, Playa Ayangue Playa Salayte and Playa Olón.
  • Observe birds at “Rutas de los pajaritos” by the river Ayampe.
  • Visits the waterfall Alex by “Ruta Río Blanco”.
  • Visits the waterfalls “Dos Mangas”.
  • Sanctuary of Olón.
  • Nocturnal night in Montañita.
  • City Salinas (Acapulco of Equator).
  • National park Machalilla.
  • Walk along river Olón with its exotic animals and vegetation on a bicycle or by foot.
  • Live like a native person in the rainforest for a night.
  • You can explore valleys, rivers, mountains, beaches, caves, waterfalls, jungle and rocks.
  • Visit volcano Tungurahua.
  • Trip with a special car, “Buggy”, through the jungle and at the beach.