Guided Tours 

Oloncito is located in the centre of the coast of Ecuador. There are many impressive and beautiful places of interest in the closer area. We are happy to provide you a guided buggy tour to discover these amazing spots. The duration and destination of a tour depends on your personal preference. Discover exotic venues such as valleys, rivers, mountains, beaches, caves, waterfalls, the jungle with its animals and plants or the beautiful coasts with bright range of impressive and beautiful places.

This tour is a truly amazing way to explore the scenic landscape of the Costa del Spondylus in a buggy! Cruise with us on the endless trails of Olon and beyond through woodlands and sleepy valleys.

Head up in the hills and cross down to the other side into a farmland. Splash your way through shallow rivers, speed up to the top of the mountains and feel the surge of adrenalin. From the top look down upon forests and gorges, and enjoy a panoramic view of the amazing cost of Ecuador.

From a bumpy ride on dry river beds, to splashing through rivulets and past lush woodlands and melancholy valleys, this excursion combines nature tour and adventure safari into one!

Come along and join us for a great day out.

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Places to go:

  • "Isla de la Plata" (Silver Island) Small Galapagos, diving, hiking, exploring, fishing
  • Historic City "Agua Blanca" (White Water)
  • Visit of secluded beaches and exotic Los Frailes, La Playita, Playa Rosada, Playa Ayangue, Salaite Playa, Playa de Olon
  • Museum Culture de Ecuador "Salango"
  • Tour along the river "Ayampe"
  • Waterfalls "Dos Mangas" or "Alex"
  • The Church of Olon
  • The nightlife in "Montanita" tourist village and a venue for international surf competitions
  • The many estuaries with mangrove forests of "El Moro". It is the largest on the Pacific coast with over 5000 species of animals and plants.
  • City of "Salinas", the Acapulco of Ecuador
  • Paths along the river "Olon" with the experience of exotic animals and plants.
  • National Park "Machallia"
  • Nights in the jungle, accommodated as an Indian.
    Active Volcano "Thunguragua".
  • Visit and hike the ancient Inca Cities and roads such as "Inga Pirca".


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